Credit Card Authorization


I hereby authorize Jordan Sinai Hotels & Tours to charge my Visa credit card for Mr. /Mrs./Ms.___________________________________________________________

Arriving __________________ and departing ____________________ 

For the following charges:_______________________________________________

My Visa Credit Card number is____________________________________________

Expiration Date:_______________________Issued by_________________________

Print cardholder’s name_________________________________________________

Billing Address:________________________________________________________

Cardholder Signature___________________________________________________




To complete this billing process and for verification purposes another form of identification

is necessary. A copy of your passport is requested. Please send by secure fax: (962.3.201.8700)


  1. Clear and readable copies of the Visa Card
  2. Clear and readable copies of the passport (front and back)
  3. This signed letter (signature should be the same as that on the Visa Card.)







Decisive and Final:


I hereby agree that authorization cannot be cancelled for any reason and Jordan Sinai Hotels & Tours has the authority to cash the mentioned amount directly from the bank without referring to me and the bank is not permitted under any circumstances to stop the payment subject to the authorization even in case of its cancellation.


Best Regards,


Jennifer Howes