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Begin the day with a normal entry to Petra via the Siq and Outer Siq.  From the Great Temple, you’ll ascend the hillside behind the Qasr al Bint and hike to the Snake Monument.  Beyond the Snake Monument lies the base of Jabal Harun, Petra’s highest peak.  This mountain is venerated as the biblical Mount Hor, site of the burial of Aaron, the brother of Moses.  You will climb a fairly easy grade up the mountainside for around 2-2 ½ hours before reaching the “saddle” of the mountain below the peak, where you can see the ongoing excavations of a Byzantine pilgrimage hostelry which existed on this site.  Continue up rock-carved steps to the ancient shrine atop Jabal Harun, where tomb (probably medieval) has long been visited as the tomb of Aaron.  From the peak of Jabal Harun, you will enjoy a fine view not only of Wadi Araba, but also of the ad-Deir façade on its own peak to the north.


Hiking: $120 per person
Horseback: $150 per person, minimum two persons, including picnic lunch
Camel: $160 per person, minimum two persons, including picnic lunch

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